13444 Bixler Ave, Downey, CA 90242
Pastor Waters: (951) 264-6909

Visitor Information


We hope that you will join us for our next service! (Service Schedule)

We are a small church with a big heart.  We love meeting new people and having fellowship with old friends as well. If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by during one of our services.

If you’re wondering what to expect at our church, read below for answers to some of our frequently asked questions:

What version of the Bible do you use?

We encourage everyone to bring their Bible, and we also have Bibles available for you to use if you don’t have one. We mostly read from the King James or New King James versions of the Bible.  Other visitors and members are free to bring their own versions of the Bible, but we recommend Bibles that have been accurately translated directly from the original Hebrew and Greek texts.

What kind of songs do you sing?

We sing traditional hymns accompanied by the piano.  We also have brethren who sing special traditional or modern songs that glorify God.

Do you encourage discussions or questions during the services?

We love a good discussion!  During our Bible studies we encourage questions or observations. We do this respectfully and in an orderly fashion.

During our preaching services we give our full attention to the preacher as he delivers the sermon and save our questions for the preacher until after services have ended.

What should I wear to church?

The Lord sees our heart and not our clothes, but we do request you dress modestly and appropriately for church services.  You don’t need to come in a 3-piece suit if you don’t want to, although you may see some men wearing a suit. Business casual is a good rule of thumb.

Do you have a nursery?

Yes, we have a nursery with a changing table, rocking chair, and some toys. If you need to take your little one to the nursery during services, you don’t need to worry about missing the preaching. We have a speaker in the nursery so you can still follow along.

Can I bring family or friends?

Yes!  We would love to meet them.

Quick Tip:

We have an hour between our worship service and afternoon Bible study.  Most people bring their lunch or go out to lunch during that hour break.  We eat in the fellowship hall in the back building. Feel free to join us!